How I can help

Data-driven UX design to boost conversion on your website or app

It's not "rocket science"... it really isn't!

Typical symptoms

Are you suffering from a high bounce rate or abandoned shopping cart (aka users leave your site without interacting or buying)?
These are typical indicators of UX & conversion problems.
Those are the problems that I can resolve for you.
So, if you have a problem that needs solving, get in touch with me.

If this is you, I can help

Do you have or sell a product that isn't converting the way it should?
Let me help you with your new or existing online product.

This is what we'll need to do

A conversation kicks off the gig.
What is your business trying to achieve? ... and for whom?
An initial UX review by me is then required... to identify issues & so-called low-hanging fruit.
I'll slip into the role of your most frequent visitor to do that.
Some quick (and dirty, if required) usability tests & interviews are performed to confirm what I have, most likely, already identified as issues or blockages.
Only after these steps have been completed, are we in a position to name the real user needs b/c we understand the why (aka user motivation) in the puzzle.
The tricky bit is then to marry your business goals with the identified user needs.
Now we have identified a problem to solve.
So, we solve your conversion challenge whilst simultaneously helping users solve their problems.
And perform new tests to validate our solution.
Various testing methods are then utilised to help us identify which solution or correction will yield best results.
Get in touch with me if you think I can help.

Don't waste your money

Accept that any other way of trying to find the right product is a waste of time, effort & money.
I'm certain you'll make the right decision.
Contact me

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My "rocket science" in detail

How long does it take?

It can take from several weeks to a maximum of 3 months * to turn your product into something customers will happily use and gladly pay for.
The question of how long depends on several factors; how agile you & your team are, how complicated your product is and how willing you are to try to improve your market position.

What is required to make it work?

Your willingness to change.
We'll explore and use knowledge about your customers' behaviour to your advantage.
And your in-house disciplines that approve & build the solutions, i.e. product owners, graphic designers and engineers need to be up for it.

Are there any risks?

Whether the cost of hiring myself is a risk depends on how much we can increase your conversion and decrease your bounce rate.
The worst outcome possible is that we'll learn that your customers don't need your product.

How will we work together?

We will explore possibilities to improve your new or existing online product.
Together we will look at the customer experience (aka UX) on a micro level (a page, a functionality) and on a macro level (a website together with marketing and purchasing, together with customer support and the logistics of delivering the goods).
We'll identify and improve customer touch points.
We'll validate along the way.
That way, we can be sure we're building and/or changing the right thing.
But the real value of my work, as a UX Designer & Researcher, is to ask and then help answer the really important why questions.

How much will this cost?

Naturally you want value for money. I understand that.
Yet there's no easy answer to that simple question, other than "it depends".
Sometimes it makes sense to work together, but sometimes I'll tell you to work with someone who is more junior.
What I can say up front, is that I work for myself, and that I have neither a secretary, nor will I outsource your work, so there's just my daily rate to pay.
Then it just depends on how long the job takes. *
Remember: Working with me is an investment, not an expense.

Is it over when it's over?

Mostly I leave knowledge and a set of tools behind me when I end a job.
These can be used further by you and your team.
In theory, there's no need for support or follow-up work on my part.
You can call me in to check on progress, if you wish.

it can take from many weeks to a maximum of 3 months to change your way of working & your mind set, to change your approach to product development to a more user-centered one and for you & your team to learn the techniques & tools necessary

Link to Alex B.'s profile on linked-in  Link to Alex B.'s profile on xing

Alex B. - UX Designer & Researcher - Berlin based - Heads up

Lean UX & iterative design
Build - measure - learn
Husband to a lovely wife
Dad of two brilliant girls
Fan of two-wheeled transport

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