Older jobs, still worth looking at

iPad tool to help patients seemlessly leave hospital, and into care

  • Fresenius wished to digitalise the transition of patients from hospitals into a care environment
  • A hospital admin employee needed masses of information for each patient, in order to accompany the transition
  • My task was to explore ways of helping the employee by alleviating the load on him (or her)

Shopping cart & checking out with a 6m long steel beam

  • Klöckner's check-out is on one page
  • At the top, there are editable snippets or modules of info, showing who's buying and receiving the goods, delivery date, payment method and, of course, product and prices

Steel industry behemoth finally enters the online world

  • Consultants etventure asked me to help them with the B2B shop for their customer, Klöckner, a huge steel manufacturer
  • To start selling those huge steel beams online

Parallel and really very strange world of SEO

  • The SEO team asked me to look at their layout for their new results list
  • They were planning some front-end changes
  • The key metric was the contact rate on the detailed listing page

Reserve an online viewing appointment for a property

  • Applications like Open Table for restaurant reservations and Salon Meister for visits to a hairdresser/massage parlour etc. were the norm (at the time of this job)
  • Yet it was not possible at that time to book a property viewing appointment online

Turning land into property and the ensuing gold rush

  • The financial crash led to an inflated intererst in property ownership. More and more listings appeared on ImmobilienScout24 for developments
  • Those projects where developers would buy land and erect several town houses or an apartment block with 30 or so apartments
  • I was asked if the portal could become more attractive for the many developers who were building all over Germany

iPad app to search for residential property

  • The company wanted a specially conceived iPad app, to be map-based and augmented with local information and POIs
  • The pieces of the puzzle were a map (maybe even a multi-layered map), a list of results, a detail page for each result and a watch list
  • It was conceived in one day and the paper prototype was created in 40 minutes

iPhone app for commercial property

  • Immobilien Scout had identified a new target group: the one-man office, the small business man, the person setting up his own business
  • The type of property search that happens overtly on the high street
  • The company wished to reach out to those newly found users with an iPhone app for commercial properties

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