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Shopping cart for virtual products & checking out

  • Different different shopping experiences for different products, showing very little consistency
  • The most frequently used shopping flows were investigated, turned into abstracted flows, and common denominators identified
  • Conventional purchase funnels à la Amazon with dedicated pages for each step were/are too long for virtual products

Global navigation and matching responsive solution

  • A navigation concept with 5 or 6 items in the primary navigation, a breadcrumb "trick" to swallow intermediate levels
  • Look adapted per CSS for bigger screens, tablets and smartphones, and tested and validated with users

A mentor and his Design Olympics = too many egos

  • The UX designers in my team felt that they had lost touch with each other since they were spread throughout a fairly large building
  • As mentor and coach to all designers, I heard from several that they were dissatisfied with the situation
  • Rudimentary attempt at DesignOps to help establish common workflows and to facilitate communication within the team

Separating siamese twins into a single platform strategy

  • The cleansing and fusion of two separate platforms for logged-in users: renters/sellers and tenants/buyers
  • The magic of modular building: one platform modularly built so that different modules appear for different logged-in users

Truly single "single sign in" as centralised service

  • A central sign-on page should be clear, focused and transport the brand
  • Removal of disruptive elements, reduction of disorientation, removal of superfluous stuff... "less is more"

Frequently asked questions on any big portal

  • Large portal overwhelmed by the abundance of customer questions, and needed to drastically cut down the number of eMails
  • All existing Q&As from customer support were grouped into categories and sub-categories (validated with a quick and dirty version of card-sorting)

A "sexy" way to show recent searches

  • Searching for a property takes a while, and searches get refined down to one or two, maybe even three, then repeated
  • First step in any search is criteria, therefore "recent searches" needed to be placed on the page where the criteria is entered

Back when interaction pattern libraries were all the rage

  • The challenge was to digitalise my interface design knowledge so that all the UX-Leads could have access to it, and Pattern Libraries were all the rage
  • I sketched and prototyped my pattern library in Axure, turned to the users for validation (my UX-Leads), and the answer was a resounding no thanks, so I dropped the project

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Alex B. - UX Designer & Researcher - Berlin based - Case Study - Helios

Lean UX & iterative design
Build - measure - learn
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