It's not UX if you don't talk to the people who use your website or app

Find out how your customers think & react, where they stumble and what they're looking for

UX involves the user so that your business can successfully cater to your customers.
In profitable eCommerce the customer is king.
And if you're not talking to & working with your customers (aka users), it's guesswork based on assumptions and number of clicks.
No amount of click rates can possibly fill in the gaps that are left, if you refuse to engage with your users.
There are no exceptions to this.
Ask me about an easy, fast & cheap way of working with your users to make products that'll be used.

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Alex B. - UX Designer & Researcher - Berlin based - Heads upe

Lean UX & iterative design
Build - measure - learn
Husband to a lovely wife
Dad of two brilliant girls
Fan of two-wheeled transport

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