Reduce bounce rate & increase your conversions with my help

You have a problem with your bounce rate if one of these is happening

  • Users abandon their shopping cart
  • Your visitors do not visit any other page
  • Your users leave your site without interacting or buying

And you should be doing these things

  • Track your visitors... where they go & where they click
  • Run a/b tests
  • Test solutions iteratively
  • Talk to your users & customers
  • Get in touch with me

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What clients say

Alex B. helped us understand our customers' needs and challenges better, allowing us to improve our product and increase our revenue with his insights.
Emil Martinsek is CMO of Product Management at Get Your Guide

Let's work together

You need my passion

My name is Alex B. and I'm a UX Designer & Consultant with a passion for better digital products.
As a UX Designer & Consultant I can help you improve the performance of your online product.
Working on digital products since 2001, I've helped numerous clients to optimise their products for customers.

You need my experience

I've worked with start-ups, with small & medium sized businesses and even with a very big industry first-mover - you can't miss them in my portfolio.
I've worked on products for SAP, Opel, Microsoft, Glenfiddich, ImmobilienScout24, GetYourGuide, etventure, Klöckner and many more... with increased user bases & sign-ups, higher conversions, happier end customers and easier to use products.

Usually I work in-house side-by-side with graphic designers and engineers.

You need my skills

So, you need the services of a UX Designer & Consultant?
Maybe you're hitting a ceiling with user conversion?
Maybe you'd simply like to make more money?
Maybe you have a UX team and would like to get them up to the next level?
Or is UX something new for you?

If you're working on a digital product, you need the services of a UX Designer & Consultant and I can help you - check out which services I offer.

Get in touch

Irrespective of the shape, size and budget, get in touch to discuss working together.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm one of only a few UX Designer & Consultants who also speak German.

Link to Alex B.'s profile on linked-in  Link to Alex B.'s profile on xing

Alex B. - UX Designer & Researcher - Berlin based - Consultant

Lean UX & iterative design
Build - measure - learn
Husband to a lovely wife
Dad of two brilliant girls
Fan of two-wheeled transport

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