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Reduce bounce rate & increase your conversions with my help

You've got a problem with your bounce rate, if you observe any of these happening

  • Users abandon their shopping cart
  • Your visitors do not visit any other page
  • Your users leave your site without interacting or buying

Do these things if you have seen any of those problems

  • Track your visitors... where they go & where they click
  • Run a/b tests
  • Test solutions iteratively
  • Talk to your users & customers
  • Get in touch with me

What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts.

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One of my favourite clients had a bounce rate which was higher than the industry standard.
His B2C product was aimed at holiday makers.
Traction was good, tens of thousands of visitors each and every day through SEM and SEO, yet his bounce rate was way too high at over 54%.

Although he tracked everything there was to track and ran frequent a/b tests, he didn't know why so many of his visitors were leaving.

Quantitive data does help to make decisions, but there's still guesswork involved.
Put simply, you know where something's going wrong, but you don't know why it's going wrong.
The why is revealed through qualitative data (user testing, interviewing & speaking with users).
Quantitive data needs to be paired with qualitative data.

In the case of my last client, the evidence showed that most users were indeed looking for his product but were irritated by his product presentation.
Mock-ups & prototypes were tested iteratively to find the best presentation, so that most users would "get it".

Read all the gory details in my portfolio.

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