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Your product might look good, your idea might be brilliant and ready to take to market, but if your customers can't complete their task(s), your product will fail.
There are no exceptions to this.

Alex B. helped us understand our customers' needs and challenges better, allowing us to improve our product and increase our revenue with his insights.

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If you make digital products, you're most likely interested in increasing conversions.
To do that, you'll need to talk to the people who use your stuff (i.e. your customers).
The important words are "talk to", as oppossed to "tracking".
Talking to your users, is the backbone of UX design.
If you just track your customers, your decisions are based purely on assumptions.
There are no exceptions to this either.

You can check out some of the stuff in my portfolio that I've made for clients.
And I can show you a valuable way of working with your users to make products that'll engage your users while fulfilling your company's business objectives.

So, if you need some asistance with User Experience, talk to me.

Great applications of any type, put the user first and I will help you to do that.
As a bona fide architect, I have a common sense approach to design and to problem solving.
My background in architecture, design and business puts me in an ideal position to help you with your your digital products.

All designers know that simple can be harder than complex.
But simpler is always better for any user or customer.
Whenever I review an app or a website (you can hire me to do this for you), the most common complaint is that the application is too complicated.
I'd say 90% of success is getting the basics right.

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Alex B. - UX Designer & Researcher - Berlin based - About Alex B.

Lean UX & iterative design
Build - measure - learn
Husband to a lovely wife
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